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User Interaction (UI) Design

The interaction visitors have with your website is as much of a reflection of the tone and personality of your business as your brand. Just as good branding adds legitimacy to your business and sets customers at ease, well designed user interfaces can improve visibility and improve the overall user experience people have with your website and other materials.

User Experience (UX)

How visitors interact with your site is extremely important. These days, 10% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. That number is expected to grow to over 20% in just a few years. As such, your site should incorporate responsive design techniques to ensure everyone receives a great user experience no matter what screen size they have.

Content Management

As your business grows, the content of your website will likely need to change. Content requirements for social media can also have an impact on this as well. Modern content management systems like SilverStripe will allow you to keep the content of your site up to date with almost no knowledge of HTML. Not only that but it also allows for building complex web applications to address the growing needs of your business online.

Content Strategy

SEO used to be a dark science. These days the recipe for good SEO is relatively simple: good, well-written content. Focus on the the people visiting your site and the rest takes care of itself. Developing a solid strategy for how your site will be structured and how content will be written is incredibly important, especially if social media is part of the strategy.