Design is much more than just making your site look good. It’s also about effectively communicating your message to your audience. I put an emphasis on minimalistic design so the content of your site becomes the focal point. I design everything to be responsive and mobile so that every visitor, regardless of what type of internet device they're using, will receive the best possible user experience.


You may have heard the phrase "less is more". It's a phrase that describes the basic concept of minimalism. With website design and development, sometimes the bare bone essentials is all that is necessary. I strive to strip things down to their most simplest form, thus reducing the complexity found in many online applications. The result is a design that is easier to use and maintain.


Every project starts with the most important task of all:planning. Like a house, you start with the framework. Before any design composites are created, we'll go through the process of discovering the information requirements for a site and how that information should be organized. This process includes the use of various tools including mind maps, diagrams, wireframes, and prototypes to help visualize the design of the information itself. The end result is a merging of both the design and development process bringing about the creation of a website that is closer to what was originally envisioned.


Many people have heard the term web standards and still don't know what it means. In a nutshell, web standards is a term that describes the technical specifications, best practices, and philosophies of how things should be built for the World Wide Web. Just as there are standards in other industries, the internet has its own standards as well for the technologies that exist on the web. Whether it be HTML, CSS, javascript, or some other coding language, standards exist that help ensure that code written using these technologies can achieve maximum compatibility in virtually any web browser. This includes methods that allow for greater accessibility for the blind. And, as many die hard web users know, the biggest blind users of all are search engines like Google.

Responsive Design

Nowadays, just about everyone owns a smartphone and/or tablet. Over 10% of all internet traffice comes from mobile devices. Mobility is no longer a trend; it's the now. Using responsive design techniques, I build sites that work well on any internet device. The interface responds to the size of the screen and presents the content in the best way possible regardless of what kind of internet device the user might be using.


Leveraging the power of SilverStripe, a flexible and powerful open-source content management system, I develop highly customized, fine-tailored solutions that meet & exceed the demanding needs of any business or endeavour.


I believe there is one word that should never be uttered to any client: NO! These days there are very few limitations to what kind of web applications that can be built. It's all just a matter of how much time it takes to develop it. As such, I'll never say NO to you. Instead, I'll work with you to evaluate your options and let you decide what is possible.

Open Source

Most open source solutions don't have any licensing restrictions. As such, we try and implement solutions that either are open source or utilize open source solutions in some manner. By doing so, we're able to save you money on the cost of deploying solutions that would otherwise cost more due to the added cost of licensing. This puts you in control of what the final product looks like and how it works.


SilverStripe is a free, open source content management system that allows you to build standards-based websites with zero restrictions. The underlying framework has been compared to Ruby on Rails. It allows end users to manage their own websites through an easy-to-use interface using nothing but a web browser. Because there aren't any restrictions, I'm able to custom tailor the CMS to meet your needs on both the front-end and the back-end of your site. It's a level of flexibility and control that very few content management systems offer.


Just as your business continues to thrive and grow, so does technology. At times, you need someone to help point you in the right direction. I provide top-notch web consulting services and will work with you to determine the best solutions for your business needs.


Because web design and development technologies are infinite, I believe that the best solutions are the simplest ones. Many people get weighed down by a myriad array of options and solutions that take away time spent on a given task. Technology doesn't have to be complex. By sticking with the bare bone essentials when it comes to the solutions you use, you'll find that you're able achieve a lot more with a lot less.


Because of my involvement with Refresh Dallas, I'm a firm believer that knowledge should be shared. As such, I'll never hesitate to share what I know and transfer my experience to you. That to me is what consulting should be about.